Second team going in
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The engineering team worked through the night to create a working vessel
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Let the raft challenge commence. First ones going in
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The end of a #woky active day #shouldhavebeenhere
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A bit of #paddlesport to end the evening and a hot day for
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Back to the (damp) drawing board for . #whatwedo (not very well!)
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The #woky march to the water and anticipated glory for , this is #whatwedo
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Can you handle it
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And the winner is....
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Didn't work out for the other raft either
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Maybe not
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Looks like it's working
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The targets are being moved into position.
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NCO secret mission accomplished, well done NCO. Rafa ducks rule!
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Which raft will win, vote for this one by re-tweeting
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Which raft will win? Vote for this one by retweeting
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#granddesigns decorating the raft
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No instructions for the #ikea luxury yacht
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All rafts built on a "Sail or no return basis". #sinkorswim
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Who is betting on the staff raft winning?
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