Final phase of Ex Ra...

Final phase of Ex Ra...

Final phase of Ex Rapid Action '14. Heading for the FRV

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OC having boot emergency. FS told to give it back. #ComedyByBilco
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in the field http:/...

in the field http:/...

in the field

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@metoffice Hi Tom, ...

@metoffice Hi Tom,  ...

@metoffice Hi Tom, are camping just north of Basingstoke this weekend; final forecast please?

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News update from 249...

News update from 249...

News update from 2499! - Exercise Rapid Action Preview - see

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Exercise Rapid Action Preview

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@metoffice Thanks fo...

@metoffice Thanks fo...

@metoffice Thanks for the forecast, preparing now! We'll check in again nearer the time.

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Another from the arc...

Another from the arc...

Another from the archives - Exercise Persistent Lead April 2011 - with @1116ATC



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All coming together... Final training session and briefing on Wednesday 26th. #sleepinaditchforfun
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A great night of sport for 2499. An evening of Kwik Cricket and uni hoc had everyone suitably worn out.
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Some familiar faces
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News update from 2499! - More Squadron history! - see
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More Squadron history!

Uniformed Organisations parade in Wokingham


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Ration pack fan!
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Preparation for Ex Rapid Action
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Found this photo of an awards ceremony from a few years ago with the Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire
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Over and Out - Cadets On The Air -
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100% (indicative) pa...

100% (indicative) pass rate on the Foundation Course #GoodShowChaps #hamradio

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Induction evening - Monday!

We are holding our next induction evening on Monday 3rd March from 1930 to 2130 hours. Want to come along and join the team? Drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know you're coming!


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March Training Programme available

The March Training Programme is now available in the Upcoming Events area.

Uniform for Monday 3rd is No2C (Working Blue).
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