@2499ATC - Tuesday, 14 July 2015 · Link to post
#team2499 Op Exodus - remaining money and consent forms tomorrow night please http://t.co/FQaHFZcSCF
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@2499ATC - Monday, 13 July 2015 · Link to post
Sqn hoodies on the way! Ordered one and want it for #Exodus15 then pay for it tonight or Wednesday #team2499 http://t.co/cevRL4Vget
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@2499ATC - Monday, 13 July 2015 · Link to post
#team2499 - look out on forum for Red Bull Air Race opportunity http://t.co/21liAIYnFs
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@2499ATC - Sunday, 12 July 2015 · Link to post

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@2499ATC - Friday, 10 July 2015 · Link to post
#team2499 - Monday sees our "Get-together" for parents, cadets and staff to help raise Squadron funds.
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@2499ATC - Thursday, 09 July 2015 · Link to post
Despite the challenges #Team2499 just completed the final round of the Air Rifle Postal for '14/'15 with top score yet #PerArdua #whatwedo
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@2499ATC - Thursday, 09 July 2015 · Link to post

#Team2499 Must be the only @AirCadets_TVW Sqn to have an anti-vampire kit for Summer Camp #Exodus15 #whatwedo http://t.co/T8tpw7RFiO


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@2499ATC - Tuesday, 07 July 2015 · Link to post
#Team2499 - great last minute opportunity here - email the Sqn if interested. https://t.co/LLumvtdA3E
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@2499ATC - Tuesday, 07 July 2015 · Link to post

#team2499 last chance to take Swim test before Jersey Camp is on 13th July. No swim test = no powerboating http://t.co/ZbR9IezekZ

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Induction evenings - 2015

You are welcome to come and join us on the following evenings in 2015.....


Jan 12th
Apr 13th
Jul 6th
Oct 5th

Please arrive at 7.30pm for a short presentation and questions session for prospective cadets and parents. The cadets will then be invited to spend the rest of the evening (until 9.30pm) to participate in our activities.

Anyone in Year 8 and above is welcome to join.


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@AirCadets_TVW Radio Officer likes this so we'd better tweet it! #whatwedo #woky http://t.co/t0wXb1pgJU
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VHF Operator Course going well and not a crayon in sight #AteThemAll #InJoke #whatwedo #woky http://t.co/djhDmKRPvH
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And if you've missed the VHF Radio Operator course this time, panic not, another is coming up in December. Sign up at the Sqn!
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Day two of the VHF Radio Operator course @AirCadets_TVW today. #woky cadets back to build knowledge and practice skills on air!
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Four #woky cadets at @AirCadets_TVW HQ this weekend adding VHF Radio Operator to their skill set @G8FC #whatwedo
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SNCO Brief on Sqn re-org in Feb '15 will be next Wed 22 Oct #trainnow #bethebest #asktheWO http://t.co/Ij7YoVE5iy
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Potential NCOs?? - next Sqn re-org planned for Feb #trainnow #bethebest #asktheWO
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Busy again tonight working out Defence Budget for Independent Wessex and a uniform sort for new recruits http://t.co/pXK1y7gQD6
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NCO Team - info for you regarding the Great British DPM Sort Out in the forum.
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Staff Meeting tonight at 1930 to start in on what will get up to in 2015. #PriorPlanningAndPreparation #BossIsBuying
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