The aim of the exercise is to return with your canoe!
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Mums pay attention, washing up in progress
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To me... To you.....
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Second wave are off.
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Wetter than planned...
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Was it this left or the other left....
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And they're off...
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First night of canoeing.
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Lunch stop. Not a bad way to spend a day.
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group 1 at the start
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#woky cadets from ready to go #whatwedo
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Glorious day for to walk the island
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First days walk in great weather. #notlostyet
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A day of walking, canoeing and boating ahead for #woky cadets in #yarmouth as the sun rises on
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#woky cadets starting to wake #tooearly, bacon rolls at 8! Another sunny day ahead in #yarmouth #iow for
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Sunset at Jersey Camp, still 23 degrees. #woky cadets sitting outside for a summer evening drink.
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Our driver for the week. #Jeffrey
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First wave landed, camp occupied and driving detail heading for home #FlankSpeed
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Long cruise, island sighted off bow. #woky
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