And if you've missed the VHF Radio Operator course this time, panic not, another is coming up in December. Sign up at the Sqn!
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Day two of the VHF Radio Operator course @AirCadets_TVW today. #woky cadets back to build knowledge and practice skills on air!
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Four #woky cadets at @AirCadets_TVW HQ this weekend adding VHF Radio Operator to their skill set @G8FC #whatwedo
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SNCO Brief on Sqn re-org in Feb '15 will be next Wed 22 Oct #trainnow #bethebest #asktheWO
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Potential NCOs?? - next Sqn re-org planned for Feb #trainnow #bethebest #asktheWO
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Busy again tonight working out Defence Budget for Independent Wessex and a uniform sort for new recruits
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NCO Team - info for you regarding the Great British DPM Sort Out in the forum.
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Staff Meeting tonight at 1930 to start in on what will get up to in 2015. #PriorPlanningAndPreparation #BossIsBuying
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Another busy night for but we managed to fit in some shoe bulling #SmallCircles
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@bicesteratc @AirCadets_TVW Sorry wasn't on last night for #WeekSignal but back tonight. Listen out on
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Wet weather possible on Wed evening for so #DontForgetYourJeltex !
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Busy night for tonight. Aviation syllabus, drill training and Ex #WeekSignal - more drill and ceremonial on Wed #OnParade
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@RgnlComdtSW New HQ is on the cards for Sir, so wishing you good luck with the talks #ThinkBig #BossWantsARadioRoomPlease
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Conditions on HF look ok for tonight's Ex #WeekSignal will be on air. Anyone else from @AirCadets_TVW ? #whatwedo
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Lokking back to September came in 9th out of 26 Sqns at the @AirCadets_TVW Activity Day. #PlanWorked
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SW Region Activities Day Media Team #whatwedo #woky
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media skills interview wrapped, busy writing press release and on photo shoot #whatwedo #woky
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on way to SW Region Activities Day #earlystart #whatwedo #woky
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As we move towards the shortest day, remember what we did on (nearly!) the longest day! #whatwedo
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Revised pick up time for Inter-Wing Media Skills Comp @aircadetssw Activities Day on the forum #TimeToShine
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