No instructions for the #ikea luxury yacht
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All rafts built on a "Sail or no return basis". #sinkorswim
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Who is betting on the staff raft winning?
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Wot, no cadets? No early risers this morning, staff are winning!
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Parents, hope you are enjoying work! #woky cadets living "the world is not enough!" #007
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Lunchtime on day 2
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@AirCadets_TVW @aircadets You can keep up with our Sqn Camp "Operation Exodus" on the IoW with
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The weather looks like it's about to take a turn for the worse
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#alan #alan
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Fieldcraft Training #whatwedo
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Fieldcraft Training #whatwedo
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Formation practice
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Not a bad place to do the fieldcraft training today
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Feeling heroic at the start of day 2.
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Which breakfast did you get in the rat pack lottery??
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Al-fresco breakfast for #woky cadets, good morning #iow
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Arsenal take a dive (this time with picture!)
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The aim of the exercise is to return with your canoe!
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Mums pay attention, washing up in progress
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To me... To you.....
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