Radio Contest (144MH...

Radio Contest (144MH...

Radio Contest (144MHz UKAC) info on forum. Have a look if you're going next Tuesday. And check the weather forecast! #rain

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And talking of #dofe...

And talking of #dofe...

And talking of #dofe we have Exped prep tonight!

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Summer Hols are a gr...

Summer Hols are a gr...

Summer Hols are a great time to get #dofe Volunteering, Physical & Skills sections sorted and started

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@1116ATC Hmm, have some hard won experience in this area. Looks like you've read the instructions! #NiceJob
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, liked the Exodus 2014 pictures? Most are available as high resolution copies, just let the OC know what you want.
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#JobDone Exodus '15 dates coming soon...
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back in England
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on board Wight Sun @wightlink_lym heading back to the mainland. Which is also in England.
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waiting for the ferry with @wightlink_lym
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Life's a beach at . A bit of R&R at the end of the week, back to #woky tomorrow
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team 2.A heroic draw I think, one team rescued ducks and the other rescued their hair style.#whatwedo oky
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Survivors heroic pose #whatwedo . Now for a relaxing afternoon before returning to #woky
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The #woky race for the ducks, #inittowinit
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Let battle commence
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Looks like someone's loosened a couple of bolts
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Second team going in
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The engineering team worked through the night to create a working vessel
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Let the raft challenge commence. First ones going in
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The end of a #woky active day #shouldhavebeenhere
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A bit of #paddlesport to end the evening and a hot day for
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